Five reasons why a fine art print is a great gift

A limited-edition fine art print is a very sophisticated gift: one that’s unusual, refined and intricate. Just add a striking bouquet of flowers to an elegantly packaged print, and you are ready to impress anyone – it’s a gift fit for a queen.

When giving such a present, all you need to say is something like: “I’m sure that you in particular will appreciate an artwork of this calibre” – this will be the most meaningful compliment they receive all night, and your gift will be all the more cherished.

Not everyone is brave enough to gift objects of art, and this singles out the person who is happy to do so. When you are offering a fine art print as a present, you are demonstrating great taste, a sense of style and the sensibility of a frequent attendee of galleries and performances. Once you’ve experienced giving someone a fine art print, you will never want to settle for anything less. Gifting art is a pleasure!

Regardless of subject matter or visual composition, it shouldn’t be hard to find an image that suits your friend or their hobbies, style or favourite colour scheme. As another example, even if you’ve only been to the person’s home once, you can easily find a print to suit their interior. Therefore, your gift will always hit the mark.

Most houses and apartments have plenty of free wall space. This is precisely why a print as a gift is always welcome; it’s not going to get thrown out or re-gifted. A good print will always find its place in a home – quite likely the most noticeable one – and you will encounter your gift with pleasure again and again.