Framing is a final touch which adds the extra elegance to your fine art print.
It is extremely important to choose the right frame and mat.

That’s why we offer this framing service using high quality materials.

Frame types

Have your art arrived ready to hang (exclusively for our customers in Australia).

We offer 3 types of frame: Black, White and Tasmanian oak. Width of the frame face is 20mm* on formats A4, A3, A2, A1. Width of the frame face on A0 is 30mm. (*subject to availability)

All frames are custom made, so please keep in mind 10 extra business days before the date of dispatch.

Details and layers

We use only highest quality materials for our frames.
— UV-shielding plexiglass, which protects against about 89% of UV rays and 92% of light transmission;
— Custom cut acid-free 4-ply mats with bevelled edges;
— Archival acid-free foam core backing;
— Wall bumpers;

Frames with mat

Matting adds some visual aesthetic and provides a necessary buffer between the piece and glass, so the artwork lives longer. In our frames we use high quality acid-free 4-ply off-white mat board with bevelled edges.

Print Size: _ _ _ _ _ Frame Size:
A5 (14 x 21 cm) --- 25 x 32 cm
A4 (21 x 29 cm) --- 36.5 x 45 cm
A3 (29 x 42 cm) --- 45 x 57.5 cm
A2 (42 x 59 cm) --- 63 x 81 cm
A1 (59 x 84 cm) --- 80 x 104 cm
A0 (82 x 112cm) --- 94 x 124 cm


'No Mat' Frames are also very popular option to order. Here you find some final sizes of frame with no mat.

Print Size: _ _ _ _ _ Frame Size:
A5 (14 x 21 cm) --- 16 x 23 cm
A4 (21 x 29 cm) --- 23 x 32 cm
A3 (29 x 42 cm) --- 32 x 44 cm
A2 (42 x 59 cm) --- 44 x 61 cm
A1 (59 x 84 cm) --- 61 x 86 cm
A0 (82 x 112cm) --- 84 x 114 cm

Please, NOTE: All frames are custom made so please add 10 business days to the shipping date.

Do you have specific frame request?

Please fill the form and specify the order number and preferred colour of the frame.
We will be in touch with you within 24 hours.