Commissioned projects

Irina & Igor are available for commissions on commercial and custom orders. If you need an unusual, memorable visual or visual series for personal purposes or an advertising campaign, we would be happy to talk about participating in your project. All of our experience, unique point of view and aesthetic sensibility will be used to achieve your vision. Each project is an extensive and delicate task that requires a lot of time, preparation and complete involvement, and the cost of planning starts from AUD $10,000. The full cost will be finalised after a detailed discussion of the project and the necessary expenses involved in its implementation.

Exclusive prints

Exclusive prints

Would you like a custom-sized print, or does your indoor space need an artistic flourish?
We would love to contribute to a project that is congruent with our artistic style. Exclusive, single-edition prints custom-made for you will add the finishing touches to your home and help create a unique atmosphere. They will give you pleasure day after day, and offer a delightful surprise to your guests.

Do you have request about commision project?

We will be really happy to hear ditails of your project.
Please fill the form and shortly specify your needs and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.