Postcard Bundle 'Mix #02'. Set of 7

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Set of 7 Postcards:
3 x 'Macro Botanica'
1 x 'Cafe Style'
2 x 'Bicycle Stories'
1 x 'Melbourne's Streetlights'

'Macro Botanica'
There are flowers in the series that many people see every day in their own vases, in neighbours’ gardens and flower shops, but there are also tiny flowers that we don’t notice – and only photographing with a macro lens reveals all of their incredible beauty. Macro Botany is a series of prints that suits every taste.

'Cafe Style' series of prints is a fantasy about how women who prefer this or that drink would appear if part of their wardrobe consisted of cups of their favourite drinks.

'Melbourne’s Streetlights' are as varied as Melbourne itself, comprising Gothic and Victorian, Art Nouveau and contemporary modern styles alike. Generations of Melburnians have walked under their lights: young and old, happy and lost in thought, in top hats and baseball caps. Under the lights of Melbourne, people have fallen in love and broken up, talked business and culture, gotten around on horseback and in luxury cars. These streetlights are an essential part of Melbourne’s history. Prints of this series will create a special, lyrical mood and will add charm to any interior space in one of the best cities on Earth.

'Bicycle Stories'
One person is riding their bike to work, another is riding to a date and someone else is riding away from their daily routine and problems. For the first, it’s a part of their image; for the second, it’s a reason to meet new people; and for the third, it’s an endless journey. Bicycles are an extension of their owners, and they know many stories. This series of prints represents just a few stories told by different bikes about what they saw and who they met.

The base of most prints is a collage from many objects, meticulously put together into a singular elegant composition that’s consistent with the underlying idea and lighting. This series is created in digital mixed-media style and includes a number of techniques such as collage, 3D modelling and retouching.

Ongoing series. Subscribe to be informed about new prints.

Postcard size: A6 (105 x 148 mm);
Paper type: Tough and durable 350–400gsm paperweight;
Details: velvety Soft Touch coating on the print side. Uncoated on another side for writing on.